Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Boyfriend Does My Nail Art

Hey everyone! Recently my amazing boyfriend Mike wanted to do my nail art for a video. That's right... He actually agreed and wanted to do my nail art. No arm twisting... no begging. It was AWESOME! I won't lie, I was kind of scared to see how my nails were going to turn out, but he did them surprisingly well! He has never worked with nail polish before this so I'm completely impressed with his skills. He's pretty darn good for a nail art newbie! 

We laughed so hard that we were both crying and I think I laughed 10 times harder while editing the footage. He was so into it! I'm definitely a proud girlfriend! If you want a good laugh and see my extremely handsome boyfriend experience the common struggles of nail polish and nail art, then make sure to watch the video below. I can guarantee you'll laugh AT LEAST once.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Hi guys! You can totally ignore this post if you want. I'm just claiming my blog on Bloglovin' and they make you post a new blog post with a code. If you want to follow me on Bloglovin' you totally can! It makes it so much easier to follow all of your favorite blogs in one place. They also have an iPhone app so you can read your favorite blogs on the go!

Anyway, carry on! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NCLA Runway Collection Swatches

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope you're all having a great week. Today I bring you the Runway Collection by NCLA. These were sent to me by Boxycharm in September so I could create a nail art design for them! I'll be sharing that nail art design in a later post, or if you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you've probably already seen it. I'll have the video embedded below so you can see the live swatches of all the polishes as well as the nail art design!

Call My Agent is a bright red cream. This one is AWESOME! Seriously. The formula is fantastic. It's a good kind of thick that makes it easy to work with. This one is also very opaque. Nearly a one coater, but a second coat will help the color be more even and it will also cover up any bare spots that you may have from the brush. I didn't have any problems with that though. This is also super shiny on it's own, but I do have a top coat over this. I have 2 coats of this polish on in the photos below.

Catwalk Queen is a cream, off white, or eggshell cream color. NCLA says it's an eggshell cream. Whatever you want to call it... it's so pretty! I love this one. The formula was great. It's thick, but easy to work with and it's very opaque. You could get away with one coat if you're really careful, but you'll probably need a second coat. I have 2 coats on on the photos below with a top coat. 

Model Behavior is a dark brown cream. This one is absolutely stunning as well and is seriously perfect for fall. It's such a rich color and it's dark without looking black. I love that. The formula on this one was amazing as well. It's very opaque and easy to work with. I did need a second coat with this one because I had a few sheer spots from my brush, but they were barely noticeable. The second coat completely covered those up with no problem.

Overall, I absolutely love these polishes. This is the first time I had the opportunity to try polishes from NCLA. I'm very happy with the way they apply and how pigmented they are. These retail for $16 a piece and are available at They are a little more expensive than some polishes, but the quality is great, so I'm honestly thinking about getting a few more of these from other collections that they have! 

What polish was your favorite? At first Catwalk Queen was my favorite, but now that I keep using them, I can't pick a single one. I absolutely love all three.

Check out this video to see how they apply!


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