Friday, June 8, 2012

Leopard Print Nail Art

Leopard print...RAWR! I get a lot of questions about these nails too. And many people mistake them as cheetah. They are clearly leopard. Cheetah's have a more spot like print and they don't have the two toned spot look.

Anyway, it's actually really easy to do these babies. In the picture above, the gold base color is Pure Ice Jaguar and the darker color in the center of the spots in China Glaze In Awe of Amber. Needless to say these colors go together like peanut butter and jelly! For the black I used regular acrylic paint that you get from the crafting section. To make the center of the spots I used the brush that comes with the nail polish because it works perfect to make imperfect spots. Does that make sense? It did in my brain...So hopefully it does in yours too. To outline the spots I used a super small paint brush and just started making "C" shapes and dots. If you find that you have too much space in between you can just continue to make more "C" shapes and spots in those empty spaces. 

Finish up with a top coat (duh!). ESPECIALLY if you're using acrylic paint. If you don't the acrylic paint will literally just wash off of your nails when you wash your hands. Unless, you know, you never wash your hands. EW! 

That's basically it. Super easy. If my ramblings didn't make any sense to you... I have a video tutorial too. You're welcome! (:

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