Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Born Pretty Store Stud Review and Glitter Studded Nail Art

 Hello everyone! I know I've been gone for a little bit, but I'm back! I have a review of some awesome studs that I received from Born Pretty Store. These are round 1.5mm silver studs and I absolutely LOVE them. You can find them HERE in their store. They are $5.86 a bag and you get a lot of them!

If you use the code GDL91 at checkout you will be able to get 10% off your order! This is a site wide coupon so you will be able to use it for whatever you would like!

These studs are the perfect size for my nails and the nail art that I enjoy doing. Sometimes it's very difficult to find studs that aren't too large for your nails and I'm so glad that I now know about these. They have a flat back so they adhere very well to the nail. Studs that I have used previously are hollow and they usually pop off of my nail within a few hours, so I was very happy to see the flat backs on these.

They come is a nice resealable plastic bag so you don't have to be worried about finding an alternate way to store them. Be careful though! I didn't realize it was resealable at first and I almost cut below the seal area. Thank goodness I didn't. I tried to take a close up (below) of the studs, but since I was photographing them through the small plastic bag it ended up being a little fuzzy.

To test these studs out I did a simple triangular half moon design with some glitter polish. The two different polishes I used were China Glaze Glistening Snow and China Glaze Angel Wings.

I applied Glistening Snow to all of my nails and then I used some striping tape to make a triangular shape half moon at the top of my nails. After that I took Angel Wings and filled in the triangular area and then removed the tape.

To apply the studs I put some top coat on my nails where I wanted them to be and then used a dotting tool dipped in top coat to pick them up. After I had all of the studs on I applied Out The Door top coat over my whole nail. I did notice that one coat wasn't enough so I later added a second.

I really love how these turned out! Obviously my camera was in shock by all of the glitter and even if I manually focused it, it was just too much. 

Overall, I absolutely LOVE these studs! They are the perfect size for my nails, they are a great price, they are great quality, and if you are really careful when taking them off you might even be able to spare a few and reuse them.

Like previously stated, I applied mine with top coat, and then applied more top coat over them and they stayed on my nails for over a week and they were still going strong when I took them off.

If you are looking for good quality studs definitely give these a try! They have multiple colors and multiple shapes on the site and they are all a really great price!

*The studs were sent to me for review.

Polishes Used:


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